Design Concepts


My design inspiration came from my interest in psychology and stumbling across Carl Jung's great work which helped me on my life journey. His work is deep and profound and especially his work on dream anaylsis.

He was one of the most influential psychologist of all time. His work reasonated with me on many levels. He contributed greatly to help change and improve humanity. It was speculated that Carl Jung had Aspergers Syndrome.


This design was created based on the different concepts related to the atmosphere. The design aimed to subtley capture these themes through use of the circular gradiant.

I wanted the gradient to draw the reader in with an unusal design. Further to support the design the layout has been centralised with a coloured border box to tone down the hard contrast of the high pitched colours in the gradient. The aim was for a simple but effect layout that was focused on the message.

I was aiming for the design to appear futuristic similar to the appearance of the universe or the galaxy subtlety but not obviously. The colours i’ve used are abstract to this concept but I looked at colours that could represent inner peace with my vision.


The main typeface I used for this project was Serif. I wanted a fontface that was commonly used in literature that presented in a professional manner but also displayed some deepth.

I wanted to select a font stack that would compliment my theme. One of my font choices was Ibarra Real Nova ironically that my daughter's name "Nova" and it is a beautiful emotional font. I adopted PT Sans as my fall back font should any browsers have any issues displaying the rest of the font stack


The colours chosen are not indicative of my aims in design. However I loved the beautiful contrast I was able to create. I used colours that have high spiritual meaning but also are that promote inner peace and emotional calmness.

Blue represents the high Third eye Chakra "Ajna" and Green promotes the heart Chakra "Anahata in indian culture". In some cultures like China green is a colour of good fortune and prosperity.