Hello from Botticelli

Botticelli was estabished in 2009 by Dotty Morris of the well known Morris Family Kent. Botticelli is a small family business suppying the best in premium brand Art and Stationary supplies. Botticelli prides themselves as not just an art shop but a avent member of the local community and run many art events during the year for charity. They also will be hosting children's parties in the near future.We will also be providing support and donations to our local hospitals and mental health services.

At Boticelli we try our very best to tailor our business services to the meet the specific needs of our customers. We appreciate any feed back which can help us to improve our services to make logistics more efficient.We aim to make your shopping experience at Botticelli comfort, seamless and rewarding. Come on Down to Botticelli!We look forward to meeting you!