Emily Doll

Emily DollEmily is an amazing multi-activity soft play doll. The Lamaze doll is an excellent cute and cuddly travel buddy. It is made with different types of lavish textile fabrics. It provides a stimulating fun play experience.

It stimulates with interesting textures to touch. The doll also has clinking rings that the baby can reach and play with. Emily has a rattle necklace that the baby can shake. Emily also has a clever ring which can be attached to the car seat, pram, bouncer or baby gym. The baby can take their new travel buddy everywhere they go.

I believe this doll is a great investment because every time my baby girl sees Emily she instantly smiles. There is an excellent use of colour design to this doll which is very engaging to look at. Emily has different textures to her which gives my little girl different experiences and what different fabrics feel like. There are different sounds with her crinkly feet, rattle necklace and clinky rings. These sounds which stimulate her sense of hearing.

The Emily doll is also soft as she is teething she can also chew or shake the doll without injury. With the ring attached to the doll we can take Emily out with us or she can be attached to her gym or cot. I have a choice where my baby girl can play with Emily.