Versace Sunglasses

Versace Vintage GlassesVersace is one of the most iconic Italian family fashion brands of all time. Versace was founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace. Many of the clothing designs and accessory items are represented by Greek Mythology. The most famous logo design is the head of Medusa. She was known for hypnotic abilities to make people fall in love and they became lost forever. The brand exhibits bright and bold colours with the most eccentric of patterns.

The original Versace sunglasses were the most iconic designs made from acetate cellouse which is a plant-based material and is also hyper allogenic. It was used in manufacturing the earliest products in eyewear from around the late 1940s. Acetate is more superior to the plastic brands because it was more robust, flexible and lightweight. Acetate is known for the beautiful transparent designs, bright rich colour and shiny finishes. Acetate is a renewable resource made from cotton and wood fibres and is environmentally friendly.

I chose these glasses because acetate is my favourite type of eyewear. It is a very premium material and is durable. My sunglasses are at this point 25 years old and still in excellent condition. I am a big fan of the Versace brand and Greek Mythology. Medusa’s story was one of my favourite Greek myths of all time. I also have a tattoo of the head of Medusa. I am quite an eccentric yet flamboyant character and these sunglasses match my personality. I buy into the family values of Versace and believe that is why their products are so popular. I believe family values create a strong brand image and vision. My sunglasses are a famous pair from a music video by Biggy Smalls who was a famous Hip Hop rapper in the late 90s.