“Aspie Life is a website that focuses on adult autism awareness inc BAME individuals providing advice, support and self help to understand and manage the condition”.

Since my last presentation there has been some recent developments. I decided to make a more informal project and create a project that other Aspies may resonate with. I decided to take a more personal approach by including my own story/journey.

As per a new article I read there is not much focus for BAME communities as represented faces of Autism. I think I can add value to this topic by my contributions. I still propose to make recommendations which can help provide help and support to others. Everything else as previously presented will remain in the original plan.

Recap for the target audience I am still aiming to appeal to the adult community from the ages of 18+ as fully consenting adults in terms of permissions or any project involvement for data collection purposes.

We are aiming to reach the missed opportunities with the BAME communities. Also on the agenda we will be appealing to small and medium business and government organisations on the basis they could have autistic employees.

The website will have have varied content from written content, visual (images) and possibly media (video). An example wireframe has been prepared to show a rough guide of the layout plan in terms of where the content will be placed.

Research is being prepared around the user persona which will be based on real life feed back from Autistic users which will help shape the user journey and some of the design aspects. To be continued..

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