My first impression studying web design

As someone with practically no knowledge of web design. I chose this field of study because it was a mixture of creativity and technology. Both areas are personal passions. So many different browsers and search engines are new to me. I had been using Safari and Google for many years. 

I found FireFox faster and much more technically efficient. I was intrigued by Opera as the layout was different compared to Google. I decided to use Brackets for coding because it looks quite simple. Brackets software was recommended to me by a colleague. I am yet to try other options, however, I will use one software package until my skills develop. 

I am using FileZilla for my FTP platform. I like how the layout and the simplicity of the programme. It is not too technical for me to understand which is great. I am really enjoying the course so far. I want to develop my skills and see where this journey will lead. It is kind of like a blind journey. 

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