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Mercedes Benz EQC

Mercedes Benz EQC website is well designed in my opinion it is elegant in design and the use of moody colours. I love the responsiveness when you move the cursor the website moves in all directions. The 3D aspect gives the design dynamic ability and different ranges. Different options pop out as you select different tabs which I believe is very efficient.

I rate the beauty in the details and creativity that when into the craftsmanship. I found this site to be very user friend and easy to navigate. The text moves on the surface page as you begin to scroll up or down. I would say the content is great and simple it should be to over sophisticated. It should appeal to all areas of the market for good sales and growth. The website is very informative and through about the Mercedes design and innovations.


Images sourced from:  https://www.mercedes-benz.com/en/mercedes-benz/vehicles/passenger-cars/eqc/the-eqc/

The New Mobile Workforce

This is a very interesting and furturistic website design. I like to racing track loading feature and the the music. It is a very smart design and I like the hidden menu. Once the menu is accessed all the options are displayed in large font titles centre page. Its using innovation from citrix which is a good system that I used in my previous job.

It has a clever scroll to explore button at the bottom of the page which gives you the feeling you are part of the race track. There are buttons which take you to watch videos and clickable text which displays content. I love the rotating pages and images. It is excellent to navigate and it is highly responsive with 3D movement. You can access information from every aspect of F1 racing.

I would rate it as having excellent sophisticated design format. Very user friendly on general menu options. It gets quite complicated trying to look at everything at once. I would give top marks for creativity and content.  It is mobile friendly and the developer is also amazingly talented.

Images sourced from: https://www.thenewmobileworkforce.com

Nike React

Nike React is a  fun way to design your own react footwear and give it a cool name. I love the use of bright colours and the vibrancy of the website design. I love you can choose options and then the pages move on without having to essentially find them. I love how you can create your own shoe then it takes straight to the Nike website to shop.

I would give this website top marks for website design with the cool innovation and quirkiness. Good marks when it comes to the usability. Excellent marks for content, creativity and mobile friendly design. This is a simple and basic site it doesn’t have much content to browse on the menu. However that is to be expected because the focus is just on the Nike React footwear.

Images sourced from: https://www.nike-react.com

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