What I learned this week 03.10.2018

This week I learned about HyperText Mark-Up Language (HTML) and what we require to mark up to do when building a web page. The purpose of HTML is to give meaning to content and provide structure to the document. HTML is responsible for the headings, paragraphs lists etc. Cascade styling sheets (CSS) is responsible for how the content should look in terms of the presentation.

This may include features like colours, fonts, images, layout, SPFX, animation, spacing etc. JavaScript is the language that controls the behaviour of the pages and the interactivity.  These languages are used in the frontend development along with AJAX which is based frameworks.

The class this week prompted me to start thinking about my focus on which role I would like to take up. I had not given this much thought, I need to be wise in my decision to focus on what may be my strengths.  I tend to think as the week’s progress I will gravitate towards what I am enjoying and so far I do not possess enough knowledge or experience. I note that as an artist my strength and passion is in design so when I get to learning CSS I will definitely enjoy this part.

However, I do not want to focus on what my natural skills. I would like to learn more technical areas such as programming which I have read could be an uphill battle for me. In my practical skills this week I have updated my website with navigation links and subpages. I have transferred my content and images to my page. I found this quite bewildering since I am one of the students with zero knowledge and experience.

I am quite determined so I tend to focus on something until I understand it, can do it and master it. I used my problem-solving skills to help me find the solutions. My work got deleted by FTP and I had to start again (back up next time duh). Anyways, I did it all again and by the second time, I would say I achieve my results faster because I was now practising the codes.


Robbins, J. (2018). Learning Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide to Html, CSS, Javascript, and Web Graphics. 5th ed. O’Reilly Media, pp.2-20.

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