What I learned this week 10.10.18

I found I had a great deal of information to take in this week. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) was quite difficult for me to grasp. There was a large amount of information to take in and get my head around. I wasn’t sure where I needed to begin?

I enjoyed the Introduction to CSS Videos by Carrie Dils. I found her videos very informative but quite information heavy with no real practical examples. It was quite hard for me to follow because I am a totally new beginner and I think I can really benefit from practical examples.

I was much more engaged in the videos by Christina Truong. Very easy to understand and I was completely convinced I knew what she was talking about. I loved the practical examples and could follow and practice as we went along. I also found her links to various CSS tools excellent it was a real help, I can start using them right away.

After I endured a mammoth amount of information I went on to practice constructing a CSS Stylesheet. I could get to a place where I had no errors in the code after checking it on the validation checker. I must stress how challenging it was to understand CSS.

There were points where I just could not get my head around the problems I was experiencing. I believe my strengths is my problem-solving skills, determination and perseverance. In one day, I constructed my CCS Stylesheet and by day two fully complete it.

I still need to practice using selectors, pseudo-class sectors and id selectors. I would add inheritance and specificity to that list. With some more practice, I believe I can achieve a good level of understanding and be able to write a good refined code.


Robbins, J. (2018). Learning Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide to Html, CSS, Javascript, and Web Graphics. 5th ed. O’Reilly Media, p293-302.

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