Websites with the best Typography 17.10.2018

This blog focuses on looking at some websites with beautiful Typography. I have three examples of websites that in my opinion have stunning typography. I have discussed my justification as to why I have selected these websites.

Vito Salvatore- Land Rover-Apple

I have selected Vito Salvatore’s website because he is someone with a high-profile background in technology, animation art and design. He has a very strong vision when it comes to creativity and it flows. The typography used on his site is appropriate for the design, images and colours used on his website.

It is very well designed and simple but powerful. He used imagery with the typography which makes the beautiful typography pop even more. The website has excellent moving graphics and interactivity it is almost like you are on the site itself.

The typography is quite fancy but not overpowering to the background white text is used on darker backgrounds and black text on the lighter backgrounds which works well. After checking out his CSS it appears he has custom Typography graphics if I not wrong here. Overall for me this website and typography I would rate 10/10 for effort and outcome.

McColl Centre for Art

McColl Center gives a platform and provides an art space to contemporary artists. They envision on creating an art community for engaging the public to enhance their creativity. I love the typography used on this website because it’s bold and simple. I find it very appropriate for a contemporary look and feel.

I believe burgundy works on the light background. I like that the categories are in a different colour to the main content text that way it is easier to navigate the website. The simplicity of the website makes the text and typography style pop. I like the different sized headings used it draws the eye to important sections of the site. I love the imagery with white text upon it the contrast is very appealing for some people with disabilities.

The colours used for the split colour and image backgrounds are very attractive on the online brochure. I love the split pages of one large image of the artist’s work one side and text upon a coloured background on the other side. The typography is simple but solid it reminds me of text from the Arial font family.

The Next Rembrant

I admire this project by ING and Microsoft. They did research to find a large amount of Rembrandt paintings to develop a new one. The website was created to showcase their project and the Typography used on the website is beautiful. The typography used in my top three websites using the best forms of typography. It is executed very well despite not having much content in the form of text present.

The reason to use so little text could be due to the artwork being the focus. This then allows the stunning art pieces’ shine. I rate this site to be amongst the best examples of typography we can view today. The typography matches the feel and level of the art to give a sophisticated aristocrat vibe. I also believe it to give a very vintage and classic look which brings us back to the period in which this art would have been created. My rating for this site would be a 10/10 because of its aesthetics, functionality and typography.


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