Websites with the best colour schemes 24.10.2018

These are three of the best website I came across and selected for excellent choice in colour schemes.


This website is very bold and contemporary with a strong use of solid colours, which work very well together. The colour scheme is a solid dark background and an enticing theme. With just five colours, this site really pops with the typography adding a funky new style. It is a very new age concept and would appeal to the younger generation. This would be a good colour scheme for an e-commerce site selling fashion pieces. There are good examples of different typography which add to the graphics style.

The good use of colour adds the excellent 3D look and feel and gives the shapes used lettering and depth. The dramatic lettering is matched up well with a quite simple styled white font which does not overshadow the main dynamic red letting. As the site is entered it is so cool the pages explode into little pieces of shards. Some even take on the shapes of animals, the colour schemes are appropriate and blissfully vibrant.


This website colour scheme is very calming with a beautiful use of pastel colours that work very well together. These are good tones you would expect to be used to represent the feel of mother nature and the earth. I also admire it is all captured inside the sillohette design of a woman’s head. These is a naturel sense of a colour palette used here which is appropriate to the them of the website which is travel. The moving features are amazing and it just makes all the colours really pop.

Scrolling through the colour schemes is just an amazing experience it makes me feel as if am i really going to these destinations. It gives a sense of wellness, wellbeing and spa feel. Very high quality photography and design used here. This site would appeal to everyone in every class of society. There is very limited use of typography which is appropriate to the category of business.

Diadora-Make it Bright

I selected this website because of its creative use of effective accents of colour it really stands out and looks punchy. It is easy to be draw into this website due to the dark earthy tones and than this bright traffic light neon yellow. It is incredibly well put together in the colour pallette of dark and light contrasts. The design colours are very consistant throught out the website with a primary scheme of bright neon colours.

My only critism here is there are too many different bright colours used which takes away from the simplistic theme. The use of many different colours makes the website look over complicated. In some areas the colours clash when it comes to adding in white and green. I may be appropriate for the brand I am not sure if this design would appeal to the consumer. As it is fitness related Diadora may just get by with it.


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