Major Project Idea

I thought carefully about my idea choice for my major project. I wanted to pick an idea I would have some background or knowledge on the topic. I decided to choose a self help website concept that could support newly diagnosed autistics and anyone who recognises signs or may be looking just looking for information. My idea is a collective of important areas focused on Autism which also provides a journey for the users. The platform I am creating will be focusing on adults with autism and how they can manage their disorder and what help is available to them. The website also aims to educate people who may be just interested in understanding the disorder maybe they may know someone or work with people with Autism. The platform aims to be a connective bridge between the professional health services and helping individuals to help themselves in times where services may not be available or accessible to them. The information will focus on being self empowering, inclusional, build self confidence and spread a message of positivity . It will also provide an adult community for people who may be generally on the autism spectrum, which is a large umbrella and also includes other neurodiverse conditions. The website platform which be split into 4 categories: 1. What is Autism 2. Do I have Autism 3. Well Being 4. Support In every category with be up to 4 subtopics that will provide advice, information or what support is available and where it can be found. This concept was designed from my own experience being diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome at a mature age in life. There was pretty much no help after my diagnosis and not much information that could help me understand my disorder. Much of the information out there was focused mainly on children and I was once a child with autism which was rapidly forgotten. However, it was very much unheard of when I grew up hence why I was diagnosed so late. This experience has given me the motivation and knowledge now to help others on their journey. Although this idea may be slightly niche it will serve a wide audience as there is around 700,000 autistics in the UK alone. There is so much information that views autism as a disability and with this platform I would like to remind people of the strenths that autism has. As I had carried out some brief research there is a few major websites which focus on the medical aspects, children with autism and the broad overview. I did not find much information and websites that cater to adults. I also found stats that highlight 70% of adults with autism were not getting the help they need. I believe a large number of those people may find value or benefit from my project. This website is not out to create revenue but is my opportunity to give back to humanity. I will accept donations which will hopefully keep the website running and developments or materials I may add down the line. The challenge this project faces is the fact that people may not find it credible due to the fact I am not an active health professional. However, my aim is to share information based on my experience I believe it could be valuable to help others. It may face critism from the existing societies, charities or health services. In light of this I do have the disorder so hopefully it will be viewed as a positive step.

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