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I am really excited about where the project planning is heading at this stage. Since the first presentation there has been some changes and a few developments in terms of planning the user journey. I felt well prepared for the presentation but very overwhelmed after.

Planning this project and the rationale for why I have chosen to do my project has unearthed some internal battles. I have to face some difficult memories by going through with this project. However, I believe that I am ready to take this step if it can makes changes to humanity.

There is still no certified name for the project as yet but I would like the name to be linked to the project and have an impact. Originally the idea for this project was to create an informational website shaped by my experiences with Autism. Since this idea the initial idea has now developed to be about sharing my experience as someone with Autism in the topic areas I have planned out.

I wanted to focus on factors of validity and reliability and this is the reason I. have decided to share my story and my journey. I had chosen to also change the focus based on what I have researched so far. It may just end up being another site taking about Autism in the non-personal sense. I wanted to deliver a message that could resonate with others as a real life experience. I see value here because maybe there are people out there who may have had a similar experience.

My idea will satisfy the niche market category for the above reasons. It can still be linked to providing advice and support and I could also make recommendations on what has helped me. With further research there is not many Autism people coming forward to talk about the condition and disclose their experiences. There is also still a large gap of 70% of Adults who are not receiving help at this time.

The strengths will be the message, providing help and support and recommendations. Giving people empowerment through self-help and to be able to set objectives and goals to live a better quality of life.

The opportunities it may bring is collaboration from other autism providers, support from local or national media. This could transform this small project into a bigger movement. There would be an opportunity to create a cool interactive website further down the road. Invites to conferences, events, educational establishments and business organisations.

Weaknesses would be negative feedback critics and not being seen as credible at this time.

Threats at this time would only be less positive feedback.

Since the redirection of the project plan there is not any current competitors satisfying this project for the ethnic minority community, autistic and female. I can set the bar for how this project will develop.

My business proposal at this time will to try to get as many collaborators, investors and endorsers at this time. This will be a non-profit project and the focus will be to help and assist the Autistic community.

We will create a plan for promotion which will be to contact all associations, charities and grass root projects to raise awareness.

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